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Photo of Prince Harry with Will Kevans and his graphic novel about the Falklands Conflict
"A wonderful story" - Matt Frei, Channel 4 News
"This is brilliant" - Prince Harry
"I saw your piece in the news this evening and was truly moved by your inspirational work" - Justin Slater
 "I served with Will in the Falklands War when we were both young Guardsmen... My Life in Pieces is a brilliant perspective of one man's view of a time. Whilst reflecting on what happened in the Flaklands, it is also an irreverent look at service life, written in a way that all servicemen and women can relate to. This is a very nostalgic piece of writing that brought back a lot of memories for me and made me laugh out loud too. I have read a number of books on the Falklands over the years and Will's book, I can honestly say, is one of my favourites." - Simon Weston, OBE


Will has recently completed a graphic novel about his experiences fighting in the Falklands War as a teenager with the Welsh Guards. The book, which includes a foreword by Simon Weston OBE, now forms part of the Imperial War Museum's Archives. It was exhibited in the Cartoon Museum's exhibition 'The Great British Graphic Novel' and it has been featured on several news programmes including Channel 4 News, ITV and the BBC.  In 2017 Panorama based a half-hour documentary on the book (see below) and, for the first time in the programme's long history, animation was used to bring Will's cartoons to life (provided by Will, of course).

The Great British Graphic Novel exhibition featuring Will Kevans' graphic novel My Life in Pieces







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