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Books? I’d Rather Read a Comic, Says Prince Harry


PRINCE Harry has confessed he prefers reading comics to books.


By Richard Palmer

8 November, 2014

Prince Harry.jpg

The Action Man prince, who flew Apache helicopters in Afghanistan, has never been known as an intellectual.


But his admission that he has not actually read many books and misses flying suggests he may not last long in his current desk job.


Harry, 30, disclosed his reading habits to cartoonist Will Kevans, a former Welsh Guardsman who gave him a comic strip book he has created about the 1982 Falklands war.


“I don’t read many books but I love comics,” the Prince told him when he visited the Field of Remembrance at Westminster Abbey. “I might actually read that.”


Mr Kevans, 51, who was at the Abbey for an exhibition by the Army Arts Society, told yesterday how Harry made his day by coming over to chat about his graphic work, My Life In Pieces: The Falklands War.


“I was just impressed that he took the time to come over and talk about it all.


"Basically, I told him about my experiences in the Falklands,” said Mr Kevans, whose company was attached to 40 Commando and took part in the attack on Argentine forces on Mount Harriet.


The Army Arts Society was established after the Falklands conflict to encourage all ranks to maintain and develop their artistic ability, partly as a form of therapy to deal with the psychological trauma of war.


Mr Kevans, who went out to the Falklands on the liner the QE2, which had been converted into a troop ship, said: “I was unhurt but I think most of us had psychological issues when we came back.


"The whole idea of the Army Arts Society is that soldiers are given painting kits so that when they are away they can practise their art. All I had was Cunard notepaper.”


Harry, an Army captain who served two tours of duty in Afghanistan, has been enjoying reminiscing over the past few days about his time there.


He quit the Army Air Corps in ­January for a desk job organising military events.


But at a Buckingham Palace reception he told Flight Lieutenant Lance Levin, another Afghanistan veteran, that he missed flying and would like to return to it at some point.

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