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Will has been a cartoonist and animator for over 30 years. He began his career as an illustrator and pen and ink artist and worked as an editorial cartoonist for the Telegraph, as an illustrator for comic strips such as Billy No Mates, and as a Props Designer on BBC's Dennis the Menace.  He then moved into animation, game design and advertising, winning awards for web design (Dr Vet) and for his illustration work on e-learning course material for Epigeum, a spin-out company from Imperial College London, now part of Oxford University Press.


Will has spent several years working as a freelance and full-time designer in London, where he has worked for some of the world's leading brands including Honda, SKY, Vodafone, Audi, Sony, Universal Records, Nokia, KPMG, Johnson & Johnson, Chanel, Coutt,  Gap, Natwest, Visa International, Labour Party, ITV, HSBC, Coutts & Co., HMV, Chanel and many more.

Recently, Will completed a graphic novel about his experiences as a teenage guardsman in the Welsh Guards during the Falklands War.  The book has been featured on several news programmes including Channel 4 News, ITV News and BBC News, and Panorama based a half-hour documentary on it, using animation for the first time in the programme's history. 

For the past 5 years Will has been creating a series of app games.


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